Sr. Software Engineer :: Windows Developer

Location: Bangalore
Specialization: IT Software-System Programming
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 29181



?A Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Electrical / Electronics Engineering, or equivalent.

?Strong coding skills in C++ and C.

?Experience with large and complex software systems that feature support of multiple operating systems, interoperability with third-party software, and backward compatibility with previous product versions.

?Expertise programming on the Windows operating system, including using Visual Studio and related tools.

?Experience with Windows device drivers, especially relating to the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS), Transport Driver Interface (TDI), Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), lightweight filter (LWF) drivers, and miniport drivers.

?Experience with Microsoft?s WHQL testing procedures, including the setup and maintenance of testbeds that generate the testing log files required for Microsoft?s review and approval of device drivers.

?Strong understanding of code-signing concepts, including complex concepts like extended-validation certs, certificate chains, and cross-signing.

?Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

?Ability to be productive and flexible in a fast-moving, geographically-diverse environment.

?Ability to work efficiently and proactively both on an individual basis and collaboratively with team members.

? (Nice to have)

?Some understanding of networking-security concepts, including encryption, authentication, and public-key infrastructure (PKI).

?Familiarity with networking protocols, including TCP/IP, 802.1X authentication, EAP protocols, and TLS/SSL.

?Familiarity with openssl and/or VPN technologies.