Sr. Asst. Manager / Dy. Mgr. - Merchandising

Location: New Delhi
Specialization: Fashion / Garments / Merchandising
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 27656


1) To maintain Forward cover inventory as per norms( month on month)





2)  To ensure base stocks are defined at store/category level across all  stores




3)  To make and maintain SKU masters for defined categories for all  stores  (Quarterly)



4)  To make proper allocation plan for New launches, considering Store grade and regional preference


5)  To maintain consistent availability of all Must have SKUs at all  stores, all the time.



6)  To ensure timely stock correction is carried out in all stores, as per existing norms.



Returns should not exceed  the fixed norms of total primary sales to the retailer.




7)  To ensure that dispatch team carries out timely connectivity of stocks at all stores



8)   To incorporate ( after analysing) the qualitative feedback shared by regional sales team in assortment












SOP Adherence












Stocks at stores to be maintained as per SKU master only.  Deviations to be reported and resolved


To ensure execution of all initiaves captured under Annual task sheet















People/ Stakeholder management






















1)  To co-ordinate with Planning department to understand Inventory visibility for existing as well as


upcoming collections for ensuring high fill rates and SKU availablity at stores.















2) To co-ordinate with marketing dept for understanding the upcoming ad models/ key campaigns of


the season and plan merchandise placement accordingly.

















3) Team Management - To maintain zero attrition and a motivated team at all times.



To clarify doubts/ concepts  and allocate tasks related to merchandise to the team















1)  To maintain healthy relationships with all retail partners for tasks related to business.



2)  To supervise and direct the team on day to day operational requirements of the retailer.