Senior Software Engineer/ SDE-2

Location: Hyderabad
Specialization: IT Software- E-Commerce / Internet Technologies
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 31389

You are an engineer who's passionate about building innovative products that scale to tens of millions of pageviews a day.

You will be provided with a complex development ecosystem with short release cycles. Every week sees the new release of multiple products that meet the growing needs of millions of jobseekers worldwide.

When you come to work, you"ll be working with a smart and diverse team of problem solvers who exhibit high energy, deep technical skills and a drive to get things done.

Sine my client speaks multiple languages working on multiple platforms: Java, Javascript, PHP, Lucene, MySQL, MongoDB and many more. You can expect to have a similar exposure.

As part of a small collaborative team from engineering, operations and product management, you will work on areas such as feature extraction, document indexing, retrieval, and relevancy scoring.

They constantly dig into the data available to analyze, inform and develop solutions to the right problems. If looking at data, slicing and dicing it in multiple ways and coming up with interesting insights is something you thrive upon, you will fit right in.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • ·         Demonstrate broad knowledge of the software and systems in your team’s product area
  • ·         Identify engineering and product improvement opportunities for your team
  • ·         Follow through on the impact of your projects in production
  • ·         Identify and resolve documentation gaps for your product area
  • ·         Regularly solicit feedback on your work items
  • ·         Mentor new engineers on your team
  • ·         Share your technical ideas, successes, and failures with other engineers
  • ·         Participate in interviewing and recruiting activities
  • ·         Improve the productivity of your team
  • ·         Execute loosely-defined work items, including defining precise requirements
  • ·         Work with team lead and product managers to prioritize and plan your work items
  • ·         Independently design and deliver solutions that span multiple components
  • ·         Manage dependencies of your work items within your cross-functional team
  • ·         Suggest ideas for how to achieve your team’s mission
  • ·         Focus on tasks that provide the most expected business value