Routing - Switching Developer - H1 - B Visa Holders

Location: Bangalore
Specialization: IT Software - System Programming
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 28013

About The Client

For many ISPs, the cataclysmic changes of the era of cloud and IoT will truly be a make or break moment. Their networks were the pinnacle of the digital revolution and laid the foundation for the internet. But to become a catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution, these networks must transform and scale orders of magnitude in capacity, connectivity, agility  

and efficiency. That next generation infrastructure is the telco cloud: A more perfect union of communication and information technology, in which networking, compute and storage technology work together in harmony.

   Strong C/C++ and data structures and algorithm

  • Experience working on SmartNICs (Mellanox or Netronome)
  • Sound understanding & hands-on on Linux or (Unix-like) OS including troubleshooting/debugging, testing, Hypervisors (KVM, VMware), Linux virtualization Infra/platform/Virtualization
  • Experience working on Open Vswitch (OVS) 
  • Fair Understanding on Network Virtualization, Understanding of NFV requirements for cloud-oriented deployments - (Intel DPDK based accelerations, large tables, CPU pinning's, NUMA, etc). 
  • Knowledge of MPLS, VXLAN, EVPN would be a big plus



Looking for control plane, data-plane and platform engineers for this product. 

  •  C/C++ and data structures, algorithm
  •  Ethernet based Layer 2 VPNs, Multi-Chassis LAG
  •    IPv4/v6 routing, Layer 3 VPNs, BGP, BFD, OSPF
  •  IPv4/v6 forwarding in network processors or ASICs
  •  Board bringup, bootrom, bootloader
  •  QoS technologies in data center networks
  •  Experience with Broadcom devices is an added advantage