Presales Staffing

Location: Noida
Specialization: Any Other
Sub Specialization:

Presales Staffing

Exp:4-10 years

Noida (currently WFH)



1.         Experience working Sr proposal consultant/Consultant for staffing.

2.         5+ years of experience of working in Staffing Presales for US public sector customer (Looking for state/county exp not Federal)

3.         Experience working on various MSP RFIs/RFPs

4.         Ability to respond to custom RFP, RFI and client presentation

5.         Good knowledge of resume qualification and formatting

6.         Experience in handling US public sector customers including state, counties, cities

7.         Prior experience of working with staffing clients is must have

8.         Ability to produce Custom staffing writeup is needed

9.         Fundamental knowledge of IT solutions and services

10.         Excellent proposal writing skills