Manager SME – GMMO RVQ

Location: Bangalore
Specialization: Banking, Insurance & Financial Services
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 25274
Business / Function: GMMO RVQ (Global Markets Middle Office - Risk and Valuation Data Quality (RVQ)              Role Profile Date:                  Role TitleManager SME ? GMMO RVQGHRS Job Code:Professional Services - KPONew or Existing Role?        ?  New            ?  ExistingPosition Classification:              N/ARole Holder?s Name ( for more than one, note ?multiple?)Current Global Career Band:              6Proposed Global Career Band:6Immediate Supervisor?s Name & Role Title (plus Functional reporting lines, if any)Global Lead of the Specific Asset ClassLocation:(Country/Department)BangaloreRole Purpose (overall high level summary of the role)RVQ is one of the teams within GM-MO(Global Markets Middle Office). GMMO RVQ reports directly to the Group CRO and is responsible for the approvals, policies, portfolio management and reporting on the Market Risk exposures. GMMO RVQ also works with Regional GMMO RVQ functions across Global Risk to ensure functional consistency and delivery across all group offices. The RVQ Offshore Team is currently based out of GSC Bangalore and Manila providing support to a number of Risk functions/teams across the Group.  The teams are responsible for Credit Risk Control, Market Risk Control, Margin Risk for Un-cleared derivatives etc., and support HBUS, HBEU, HBAP, HBFR, HASE and HGHQ (Group Risk). Activities undertaken include :?Management and monitoring of counterparty and market risk limits in trading system?Analysis and reporting of market risk calculations to traders, risk managers, senior management and regulators?Management of market data and generation of risk model parameters such as VaR, PFE, EEPE?Analysis and rating of country risk where HSBC has any exposure?Review, validation and improvement of risk calculation and management models?Collation of Risk related MI and preparation of Stress Testing and Back testing governance committee packs The purpose of the role is to provide a SME function for the team for specific asset class for a site or across sites and ensures the integrity of risk calculations in different risk systems with the objective of assuring the completeness and correctness of the reported risk numbers. Any issues in the risk calculations need to be identified promptly and communicated with the team along with actions that are required to rectify the data or calculation issues. The job demands a good interpersonal skill and ability to work cross culturally with a team, whose work is highly time-critical. The successful candidate will work closely with the Global Lead of the Asset class and the Market risk team in a global platform.Principal Accountabilities:  Key activities and decision making areas              Typical Targets and MeasuresImpact on the Business?Assure the completeness and correctness of reported risk numbers by the team?Perform timely limit monitoring and excess reporting.?Ensure VaR and regulatory risk measurements are accurately calculated and properly validated.?Conduct risk position and regulatory risk measurement analysis.?Effective maintenance of  risk systems and models from data input, processing by the market risk team and outputs.?Develop and implement new reports to improve risk visibility.?Engaging with internal and external auditors to satisfy questions and requests as part of formal and informal reviews.?Implement new market risk and associated front office driven systems projects in a timely and successful manner.?Flag issues with the data and risk calculations in a timely manner with the team, and work towards resolution of these issues?Work with the Market Risk Reporting team to communicate issues as well as remedial adjustments or other measures.?Generate MIS reports to assist with more pro-active management of risk by traders and market risk managers.?Participate in testing of system enhancements or changes to ensure impact on risk calculations is as desire.?Participate in the collection and preparation of market data required for various risk calculations.?Guarantee the integrity of risk calculations in different risk systems as per benchmarks established by the business?Communication within time lines stipulated by the business?Feedback from the business on effectiveness of process improvements?Ensure that trading follows procedures specified by Group and business management, compliance, external regulatory guidelines and industry best practice.?Timely implementation of projects or initiatives where required.?Demonstrate problem solving and analytical abilities including the ability to critically evaluate information gathered Customers / Stakeholders [COMPLETE 3-4 AREAS]? On shore business partners located in the various geographies being serviced? HBEU teams within GMMO RVQ Offshore Bangalore, Manila, in addition, adhere to all BRCM regulations and ensure team is following all regulations.?Address any adhoc queries on the same day as appropriate.     ?Proactively drive growth in the GSC team?s responsibilities?Establish and maintain communication link with relevant stakeholders with respect to all process and people related activities and issues?Feedback from stake holdersLeadership & Teamwork [COMPLETE 3-4 AREAS]?Promote greater understanding of Global Banking and Markets products among front office staff and support staff.?Will be responsible to provide feedback to the Global Lead on team member's performance (along with respective stakeholders from the business) between the two sites (i.e., specific asset class responsible) and should actively participate in one-to-ones and share feedback on performance and behavior.?Will have to work with staff to constantly upgrade knowledge and skill set and help them functionally (asset class specific)?Drive the implement processes and policies to deliver service excellence by clearly communicating the rationale across sites and ensuring that the entire team functions as one coordinated unit.?Regular updates should be shared consistently between the two sites related to functional changes in the process.?Should be able to ensure along with the Global Lead that on-going training is built into regular BAU and that the teams are fully cross trained on specific asset class responsible.?Escalate timely and ensure there are no surprise ?Effectiveness of communication as measured by regular daily cross site team calls, update meetings, performance discussions etc.?Attrition within the team?Observation by Management.Operational Effectiveness & Control [COMPLETE 3-4 AREAS]?Work with the team to consistently achieve zero error standards?Drive improvement plans for repeated errors and work in close coordination with respective analysts to ensure plan is implemented effectively?    Timely escalation of errors and client feedback to relevant stakeholders ? drive a culture of ?no surprises??Ensure that all Mandatory Trainings are completed in time with NIL exceptions.?    Adhere 100% with any / all aspects that could potentially impact the DPA?Seamlessly drive Offshore Support in case of a Business Contingency in either Manila / Bangalore              ?MI relating to accuracy and quality standards?Local BRCM feedback?Ensure Satisfactory of Better Group Audit requirements or similar benchmarks by any other external reviewers.?BCP readiness as tested / live   Major Challenges (The challenges inherent in the role that require a continual test of the role holder?s abilities) ?The Role Holder needs to constantly drive high performance in an extremely time sensitive environment. He \ She needs to proactively motivate and manage a high talent work force and drive a uniform and consistent work culture across Manila and Bangalore. Hence, transparent, active communication and proactive hands on management are necessary to succeed in this Role.Role Context (The environment and operating conditions of the role including the extent of guidance and authority) ?The Role Holder needs to be a Technical Expert and at the same time has good interpersonal/communication skills.Management of Risk (Operational Risk / FIM requirements)?Adheres to processes and controls to identify and mitigate risks and ensures timely escalation of control issues and reputation risks.? Demonstrates leadership on regulatory and compliance matters. Maintains awareness of risk and minimizes the likelihood of it occurring through its identification, assessment, mitigation and control. Observation of Internal Controls (Compliance Policy / FIM requirements)? Maintains HSBC internal control standards and addresses audit points and/or any issues raised by regulators in a timely manner.?Maintains HSBC internal control standards and addresses audit points and/or any issues raised by regulators in a timely manner. Fosters a compliance culture within the team, managing compliance risk and ensuring that the necessary training is completed. Optimizes relations with regulators. Role Dimensions (e.g. balance sheet size, lending/expenditure limits, size/volume of transactions, budget. in USD?000) ?N/AHeadcount reporting to this roleDirect:N/AIndirect:N/ATotal:              N/A          Knowledge & Experience / Qualifications  (For the role ? not the role holder.  Minimum requirements of the role.)?A degree / qualification in finance, accountancy, business management or previous experience in risk management (Market Risk) or quantitative courses?High level of competency in the production of information, and the ability to process and analyze large volume of data?High proficiency at Excel (VBA skill would be an advantage), Word and Powerpoint?Good understanding of product knowledge, market risk measures and systems.?Self motivated, excellent communication skills, adaptability and mentoring skills?Strategic thinker, planner and a good listener.?Ability to work cross culturally with a strong collaborative and inclusive mindset.?Ability to drive performance under pressure and tight timelines?Team player?Ability to respond quickly to ad hoc risk enquiries, and proactively insure data quality by identifying potential issues?Strong foundation of risk management principles as well as good understanding of either traded credit or market risk?An understanding of market risk measures such as present value of a basis point (PVBP) and VAR, or detailed understanding of the valuation of capital markets and derivative product is desirable