IC Design

Location: Bangalore
Specialization: IT- Hardware / Telecom / Technical Staff
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 31952

Products: Ethernet Switches for MSDCs and Enterprises


Job Description:


1.         Understand the product requirements based on the arch definition. Provide area and power estimates for the block.


2.         Work with architecture team to develop the micro-architecture and design spec.


3.         Develop the RTL and work with verification to sanitize the same.


4.         Lint and synthesize the design.


5.         Work with physical design on the floor-plan and timing closure.


6.         Proactively discuss and suggest optimizations to improve the design and reduce area/power.


7.         Formal verification and coverage analysis


Job requirement:


1.         MSEE/BSEE with 12-15 years of RTL design and micro-architecture experience in top VLSI companies, preferably with Network Switching background.


2.         Extensive experience in designing on-chip/off-chip memory based buffer management systems & arbitration schemes.


3.         Extensive experience in developing high-speed designs.


4.         Exposure to coverage, formal analysis, synth and STA


5.         Exposure to power analysis and power reduction techniques