Executive / AM - Electric Machine Control Engineer

Location: Pune
Specialization: Engineering Design / R&D
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 28035

This position is with our client is an emerging global automotive component manufacturer and supplier of exterior lighting systems, power-trains and electrical.

Job Description -  Electric Machine Control Engineer

Job Qualification:

  • Graduate degree from a reputed Engineering Institute (Electrical / Electronics)
  • Masters degree preferred
  • (B.Tech. + 3 years) / ( M. Tech. + 1 year) of experience in control of Electrical machine viz. BLDC motors, PMSM, 3-Phase Induction Motors etc.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Software and Hardware implementation of control strategy on embedded targets
  • Test and validate the strategy on the target hardware and application
  • Simulate, analyse and verify the strategy using various tools like Matlab/Simulink, Pspice
  • Testing and validation of motor prototypes
  • Root cause analysis of failures
  • Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
  • Understanding and experience in implementing control strategies (scalar and vector) for BLDC, PMSM, Induction motor
  • Good understanding of power electronic devices, PWM techniques, inverters etc.
  • Good understanding of various sensors e.g. current, voltage, temperature, etc
  • Good understanding of PI controller tuning
  • Experience with MATLAB and Simulink is a must.
  • Hands on experience in software implementation of control strategies on embedded targets such as TI, STM32, Infineon
  • Experience in analysing, troubleshooting and testing of motor control is a must
  • Good understanding of failure modes of motor + control system


Keywords :  Vector Control of PMSM or Induction motor, PWM switching techniques, speed control, torque control, Understanding of inverters, exposure to Matlab