Analog Design

Location: Bangalore
Specialization: Software Development - Embedded Technologies
Sub Specialization:
Reference: 28050

·         MS/M-Tech degree in electronics/VLSI and In exceptional cases B.E/B-Tech in electronics engineering with 4+ years of relevant experience needed.

·         The candidate should have prior experience of high speed custom circuit design.

·         The senior position requires demonstrated ability to have worked in these domains and a sound understanding of the standards, protocols, practical aspects of circuit design in DSM process nodes ( 28nm, 16nm,14nm) are very desirable.

·         Strong fundamental knowledge is essential.

·         Sound knowledge of basic building blocks (Ex: bias generation, on-chip regulation, on-chip impedance circuits and PLL) is highly desirable.

·         Experience in designing memory interfaces such as DDR/3/4 and LP3/4 or serial links such as USB/XAUI/, CEI6/ LVDS /PCIE//SATA and Display Port etc.)

·         Experience working in leading R&D and future technology development projects is desirable.

·         The position requires good written & verbal communication skills as well a strong commitment and ability to work in cross functional and globally dispersed teams.