enPower: Your recruitment-empowering partner

As a growing number of organizations are discovering, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an effective way to reduce the internal burdens of talent acquisition.

enPower is Japan’s most comprehensive and professional resource for outsourcing recruitment and related back-office HR functions. We bring enPower to India that helps you take back control of a talent acquisition process that is becoming increasingly costly and complex. With a dedicated on-site staff of recruitment professionals dedicated to your business, we empower you to build and manage your workforce more effectively while making recruitment costs more transparent – all without over-extending internal HR resources.

The final result of an enPower RPO engagement will be faster, higher-quality hires and improved business results.

enPower - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The smart way to recruit, and more

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows organizations to contract with an external provider to manage some or all of their recruitment and related talent-management functions. The RPO provider operates as a strategic business partner working closely with the client to improve the quality of hires, increase delivery speed and boost cost efficiency.

Is RPO - the best solution for you ?

While an effective RPO partnership can help any organization to strengthen its talent acquisition, companies facing the following conditions are in an especially good position to benefit from RPO:  

  • High-volume hiring requirements
  • Seasonal, shifting, or fast-growing staffing needs
  • Limited HR headcount
  • Special hiring needs requiring varied or atypical talent sources
  • Urgent staffing requirements

Few organizations can afford to build the internal capabilities necessary to manage talent sourcing, recruitment and management with the specialist level of expertise offered by RPO providers such as enPower. Even large corporations may prefer to focus on their core business and outsource such functions to professionals.