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Why choose en world?

Talent acquisition for a new age

There’s never been a more challenging time to attract talented workforce. Technology, globalization and demographic trends are changing the way employers and employees connect with one another and the traditional ways of recruiting aren’t working anymore. 

en world- India offers a new approach to building an effective workforce. We call it Total Talent Engagement and it is designed to work before, during and after the recruiting process to make talent acquisition more efficient, systematic and effective. Total Talent Engagement is smarter about understanding who can do a job, where those people are to be found and what will motivate them to move. It reaches untapped sources of talent, including people who are not actively on the market. And it takes better care of people after hiring, reducing turnover and the need for future hiring.

Read more about How Total Talent Engagement Works.

It’s time to move beyond traditional recruiting. Think instead about how to create rewarding and lasting employment relationships. Let en world help revolutionize your talent acquisition and make people your engine for growth and success.

How en world- India helps you attract best of the talent 

Smarter talent acquisition 

Total Talent Engagement helps you manage talent acquisition in a smarter, more strategic, more efficient way. We start with a better understanding of the market and your needs. Then we work tirelessly to create the best match of talent using the right recruitment tools for the job. To improve performance and minimize turnover we continue to engage with the talent we introduce even after they are employed. 

Integrated workforce management 

Recruiting is most effective when it is integrated with wider workforce management functions: hiring strategies, retention and succession initiatives, evaluation systems, learning and development. We have the experience and resources to offer services in all these areas, providing you with a single point of contact for all talent management needs. 

The right people at the right time 

We have reach to exclusive candidate pool to find your ideal candidate. Our APAC network connects us to top global talent through offices in six countries in the region across Asia. 

en world services

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Permanent Recruitment

Once, we understand client's requirement, we have expert domain specialized team who carefully screen potential candidates, Scheduling those only who match to your needs. Fees are only applicable once the position has been successfully filled. We also follow up after the placement to ensure a proper fit. Read more about our Permanent Recruitment process here.

Niche/Leadership Hiring

Our expert consultant will make a comprehensive market map for candidates who match your specific requirements and provide regular status reports to the hiring manager. This type of search recommended for roles that require particular expertise, a senior management position, or to staff new business ventures that have not yet been made public. Read more about our Executive Search process here.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (enPower)

Companies with high-volume staffing requirements may want to handle talent acquisition directly, but may not have the expertise to manage this complex process internally. For these companies enPower, our RPO division, provides a complete outsourcing service tailored for India’s unique talent-acquisition environment. Visit the enPower page.

  • Professional Contract Employment

Our Contract Professionals team sources and places experienced bilingual managers and specialists who can provide a critical skill set for a specific project or fixed period of time, without increasing headcount. The market for such on-demand managers is growing, with support available on a project, temporary, temp-to-perm, or contract basis. Visit our Contract Professionals page.