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How to Make online meeting more engaging and successful

Posted by Asha Padmanabhan

about 2 years ago

The current pandemic or as it is called “The New Normal” has taught us so many things, from understanding the actual meaning of essentials to valuing each resource, to how to be kind to self and others and most importantly team bonding. As we are all working remotely, one of the biggest change is engaging virtually. Virtual meeting through software like GoogleMeet, Webex, Microsoft, Zoom etc has really what has helped the business stay connected. A recent study shared that 94% of businesses who use video conferencing strongly felt greater productivity among the teams. 


While such online meetings were limited before the lockdown to a scenario like off location meets or video interviews but the in-person meeting has always been preferred. As by physically meeting help in creating better connections and understand whether the message is conveyed/understood properly, the deal will pass through or will not fly at all.

As there is a famous quote,

     ”Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced – John Keats”


 However, things have changed for the better. Needless to mention the growth rate of video conferencing is going to be substantially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with 2020 seeing an unprecedented amount of video conferencing usage than ever before. As 75% of CEOs predict that video conferencing will replace regular conference calls. By 2022, it is expected that internet video traffic and worldwide IP video traffic will increase by 4X from 2017.



So, to keep up with the trend of video meetings, Today we share a few of our best tips to make the next online meeting more engaging and fruitful. 


1. Always share the agenda at least a few hours before the meeting, which will allow participants to gather their thoughts, prepare and be aware of the subject of discussion. Keep a schedule of the meeting so the discussion is driven back on the main topic and concluded more effectively. 


2. Always start your meetings with social discussions, as you would have during your in-person interaction. Let the participant feel comfortable and settled and then start the main discussion. 


3. Always be ready for the technical glitches from a home set-up. Be patient and prepare in advance for it. Try the software features in advance, to avoid the last-minute hassle. Remain flexible if some of the team member/s face any technical glitch. 


4. Moderate the meeting well by encouraging everyone to participate, as, during the video, members may not be not sure who's turn is it or the right time to interrupt. Also, the team may feel doubtful of their viewpoint would sound over the video. Ask open-ended questions to encourage people to talk and share their views/ideas. 



5. While most virtual meetings are used for discussing official matters but it should not necessarily remain restricted to it. It can also be fun. Share some informative (learning) / Motivational video on your meeting, ask participants to share their thoughts or learning. Engage in team activities, have fun Friday play team games/brain teasers, which will definitely be ice breaker within the team.


Celebrate victories no matter how small it is. Remember even rewards and recognition can be virtual. (Depending on the size of your team and infrastructure)


Remember the goal of any meeting is to add value to the discussion. So, try to be prepared on the agenda, be informative, after all, such knowledge sharing sessions and morale booster are for not only your team but for yourselves too.


Let’s practice, encourage participation.


Be safe, be healthy !!

Contributed by : 

Asha Padmanabhan

Delhi Team