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How important is employer branding in 2020?

Posted by en world India

about 2 years ago

Due to the pandemic situation, our economies continue to remain impacted and as most of the companies are fighting to stay afloat, employer branding has taken a back seat. For those working in employer branding, recruiting, and development, the future seems fraught with unknowns although one thing is sure that when this crisis does end (and it will end), those companies that have consciously invested in its reputation with an eye toward resilience will be ready to emerge stronger. 


Staying up-float in business is now all about finding new ways to attract and keep the workforce inspired as we work remotely. Employer branding is a long-term process and constituents more than just attracting talent and retaining them, employer branding also includes empowering employees with new opportunities for their growth and thus building a stronger work culture.

  • 72 % of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring

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Today it is necessary to change our Employer branding strategy over a temporary period and adapt to the new context, COVID-19 when the number of vacancies is in free fall, many people are (temporarily) unemployed, employees are not on their usual switch mode as companies that take care of employees throughout this crisis will benefit afterwards as well.  

  • 75 % of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. Source: LinkedIn


And as the war for talent increases, companies must define and continually refine their employee branding strategy. Some industries and skill set have grown in demand like cybersecurity, blockchain there are many positions and skill set that are forced to temporary go down, and this shall continue with the changing situation making the organizational decisions more important than ever before as your employer brand will stick with your company through and long past the impact of the coronavirus in 2020. So, instead of losing the progress by backing away from investing in your employees and your reputation, an organization should utilize this time to build and grow a positive employer brand. 

  • LinkedIn reported that a strong employer branding leads to a 43% drop in recruitment costs


Especially during this global COVID-19 crisis, we have realized and even explored multiple options to stay connected with our employees, active or passive candidates, our brand loyalist and our shareholders. Social media, digital content, emails, text messages, and even video conferencing are not only important methods of communication and sharing information, but they’re also vital tools for helping us manage our employer brand footprint in this time of social distancing. 


And, luckily, the organizations in 2020 are waking up to this reality and trying to keep the people connected through the technology. The top three channels to extend employer brand are company website (69%), online professional networks (61%), social media (47%).



Here are a few of our ideas on how you can continue to strengthen your employer branding during this unprecedented time :


Along with company existing practices to create better employee experience like online on-boarding, training and online mentorship companies need to compete to attract talent so creating strong employer reputation with showcasing business transparency, and strong growth potential that excites the talent they want to attract. Also with understanding employees conversation and constantly working to improve employee experience especially during this crisis time. Uphold the right principles and practices that will not only keep your employee loyalty elevated but your workers will contribute to a happy workplace that others will actually fight to join.

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