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Best ways to manage & motivate your remote employees.

Posted by Priya Kumari

over 2 years ago

Our workstations have changed and so have our performance metrics. With changing times and situations, there are multiple challenges leaders face as they strive to keep the team's productivity up. After all, it’s the employees, who make an employer’s vision into reality and the support the organizations seek during this tough time to realize the goal.


The current crisis has forced the employees to work remotely. Their temporary work station may include their living room or even their comfortable bedrooms to say. Now, remote working has its own advantages like high morale to contribute to the company's growth, feeling of trust and responsibility among the employees and better retention also deeper connection and collaboration among the teams. but is still remain a quite volatile space to measure someone’s productivity, as such setup also involve it's unique challenges too like feeling lonely, more stressed about the work, communication gaps, distractions to multiple personal tasks with simultaneous attention to professional tasks.


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To address the issues of working remotely and allowing our team to be more productive, here are our few suggestions. 


Maintaining regular communication with the use of technology 


Enterprise collaborating tools have come a long way in contributing and making remote work possible. Tools like GoogleMeet, WebEx, Skype/Teams, Slack and Zoom allow professionals to be virtually available and contribute as efficiently and effectively possible as a face to face interaction. These tools enable people working in different time zones, continents and workspaces collaborate and contribute in parallel with a lot of ease. These tools ability to show one’s current status (active, busy, away, snooze, DND) helps others understand if they are available at the moment for a task at hand or would want to take a break or a breather from their professional work.   


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Setting Expectations clearly and regular feedback 


This lockdown situation has luckily changed management perception of remote work from a rare privilege to a regular style of working that many intend to continue even post the crisis. Organizations letting people avail of this facility of remote work is all the matter of trust and not control. One is needed to feel and breathe the vision of the organization and drive towards giving their best by owning what they do. Leaders are needed to keep everyone at all levels aware of the current situation, what it demands and important action items apart from regular day to day work.


Prioritizing and to do’s accordingly help people manage the tasks in hand efficiently and also plan their professional and personal time. Remote working gives people an edge over specific work timings and let them contribute basis need.


Enabling employees with the basics of working in the remote workspace along with defined KRA’s/KPI’s and a proper reporting mechanism is all that is needed for efficient delivery in a remote work environment. 


Keep the Positivity Up 


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Smaller regular talks, one-on-one discussions, brainstorming sessions are the best ways to ensure the employee feels connected. Especially since we all are feeling a lot more anxious due to the situation around so positive words go long way to support the team.  


Lastly, Empathy is the key to manage and keep the teams motivated during this tough time. Understanding and having a feeling of empathy towards each other – employers and employees including leaders who drive the vision across the organization to successfully achieve the best possible together.


What are your ways to keep your team motivated and engaged as they work remotely.. Do share with us. 




Authored Article: Contributed by : 

Priya Kumari
Senior Business Manager from our Delhi Team