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A Day in the Life of a Recruiter - During the Lock-down

Posted by Meghana BR

over 2 years ago

This year, the pandemic has left all of us reeling. While it is important to concentrate on our health and safety, it is just as important to keep working towards our goals. No one had imagined such a global crisis and this kind of lockdown situation in their lifetimes, and no business is truly immune to its effects. It is equally tough for us, the recruiters as we all are feeling immersed in a cloud of uncertainty.


Our routines have changed as hiring is impacted and we are every day trying better ways to attract, nurture our talent pipeline. Our day starts as we scroll and check our inbox for any collecting discussed details with the candidates and receiving more resumes that might have received through job postings.
We, then join for the meeting with our team as we discuss open job positions, challenges, recruiting strategies, industry news and trends. With a pandemic situation, we are regularly updating our communication and our strategies to keep the talent warm. We discuss what strategy and mediums are working for our teammates and then we prioritize the rest of our day.

Our sourcing routines are much like what it was in office that we focus on top priority requirement for the day/week. First, we thoroughly go through the job description shared by the client, do our own research on the technology, skill sets, markets, compensations, target companies and then we start scanning for the right candidate. Our first bet is our internal database, as we have our talent pipeline, then also we connect with a lot of candidates every day so we if suited for the role, we start our discussion with them and simultaneously work to attract fresher talent. 


Every day we not only stick to a particular requirement or client but also manage different active requirements and clients and that is one of the best things for a recruiter as it is interesting to connect with people in different geographic, different skillsets. Once we receive our target responses we share the best one with our mangers and clients and wrap up loose ends from the day as we plan for the next day.

 It’s been a constant struggle and balance of supporting the clients with challenging positions and nurturing the talent pipeline, keeping the candidates active and engaged. 

 As Hiring is impacted, all of us recruiters are also experiencing pressure to keep the team engaged and maintain a positive attitude. Many of the times, we are aggressively supporting a particular client for their multiple requirements and the client suddenly puts the positions on hold. Then there arises a lot of ambiguities and stress in the mind related to our performances, our responses to the candidates we connected.  
Regarding the mental health during lockdown -“If we want to operate at our best, we need to have three basic psychological needs satisfied. The first is autonomy, which is a sense of choice and control about how you go about our day. The second is competence, a sense of achievement in our day-to-day activities. And the third is relatedness, a feeling of connection with important people in our life”.


When our basic psychological needs are satisfied, we thrive. We are more effective in our work and home lives, we are healthier, and the benefits of needs that are satisfied in one part of our lives can spill over into another. But when these needs are not met, the opposite is true.
We are in the midst of unseen, even unimaginable times. Suddenly the standard way of doing things has changed. We recruiters instantly become adaptable because things are always changing. There is never a dull moment. It is challenging to put together what a ‘typical’ day would look like as a recruiter because no two days are ever the same. Anyways time fades away - Soon the crisis will be over and we’ll be again be tasked to wear a different thinking cap and attempt to what we called “normal”.


Look forward to that day !! This too Shall Pass... Stay motivated!!!


Authored Article :  Shared by Meghana BR from our Bangalore Team