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Hiring in time of COVID 19 : Tips for Video Interview

Posted by Vanita

over 2 years ago

According to industry sources, major companies are shifting recruitment procedures online, replacing face-to-face interviews with video interviews to keep applicants safe and to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Many Indian companies are preferring initial screening online and then project screening to limit visitors to their office to ensure the well-being of applicants. However, according to the study, 43% of job seekers are not comfortable for video interviews as they find it more stressful than in-person interviews.


Today, we share a few tips to help candidates to score better on video interviews. First, let us understand the possible video set-ups companies can have. 

  • Live Video interview - Most common type, one or one session recorded live. Can we through Skype or any other online platform. 
  • Pre- Recorded Video Interview – Many companies are posting their introductory videos on YouTube and a few questions on which they want a recorded video from the candidate. ​

​Video Interviews has always been a strong channel for recruiting as it not only reduces time and cost but allows the applicant to create a consistent branding experience. Due to coronavirus, more and more companies are making the arrangement to go digital. 


Here are our tips to perform better on video Interview

To ease your panic, we bring quick tips to help you perform best for your video interview

Basics – Ensure you are at healthiest best, avoid video interview if you have a cough or feeling down with fever. If it is an online/coding test, ensure to keep water handy to remain hydrated. Also, basic hygiene like keeping tissue paper in time like this would be a good idea. Then, another basic element is deciding on the space, where you can sit with minimum disturbances. The lighting needs to be comfortable for both sides avoiding any strong exposure or overshadows. 


Internet Speed and Equipment test - If you are giving a live interview at your own space, ensure your internet is working fine. There are many websites to check your internet speed. Uploading and downloading speed both are equally important. In case, it is low, try disconnecting nearby other devices assessing the same internet, if the speed is still slow you can inform the interviewer beforehand. Then, select a quality headphone which can really save you from any last-minute embarrassment for not understanding the questions, or background noise etc. Similarly, you need to check your laptop battery and its operating speed. Another tip is to fix up a proper setup is to avoid keeping your laptop on your lap or moving too much. Good posture will help you feel confident and attentive. ​

Prepare for a video interview like the offline interview with formal attire, do your homework, research employee website, social pages, the job requirement and how you fit as a good resource for them. Prepare a plan what points you want to present and what sequence you intend the conversation to go about.

Practice in advance a fully equipped mock interview as it will give you hands-on experience of different camera angle and setting on software like skype, google hangouts, GoToMeeting. It will immensely boost your confidence. You can also keep a copy of your resume on the desk for reference.     



Finer details - 

It is a good idea to demonstrate positivity during the complete interview process. Try to listen as much as possible and jot the main points on the notepad in case required. Keep your responses short and clear, avoiding long round and round responses.


Last, you may ask - What questions can I pose at the end of the interview or post-interview? 

  • 46% of companies, unfortunately, do not share the time involved in the hiring process, so, you can ask the expected time-line of the process.  
  • Also, you can ask about the preferred follow-up process. Can you call them directly, would they be available over the emails? 

Finally, understand the purpose of the video interview, it is, of course, keeping in mind the health concerns but more importantly respect for each other’s time. The employer/interviewer is considerate, to share their thoughts on requirement beforehand then if you, as a candidate feel interested, they both can take it forward. So, remain confident with these tips, your chances of selections are increased. 


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