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Speed Hiring in 2020

Posted by en world India

over 2 years ago

Hiring is an inseparable function for any organization, whether you outsource it or automate it through latest hi-fi robotics technology. Keeping the old HR humour aside even the research says that 78% of organizations still feel that the pace of candidate supply to business is less than actual demand at that hour.

Wherein, most of the time recruiters are so busy filling the current needs for the business that it becomes hard to invest time in adapting to new technology, process and tools. That is where the real struggle and delay in requirement fulfilment starts occurring. In our recent interactions with few of the clients (HR and Business leaders) confess that although they realize there is the scope of improvement but upgrading means huge cost and additional burden on the revenue graph.  Although, the fact is they are all part of netizen age and the least we need to do is let them correlate their tech habits at work too.


Here are few steps through which we can smartify our recruiters to win in 2020 – while they are on the job-creating no laps in deliverables.

1. SAVE PAPER: We @NewEraIndia have managed to cut down excel sheets and add everything on ATS itself. This has not only helped us save time, energy but also as a habit to save paper too. So, recruiters are adding everything onto the system. Feedback, comments, reminders on their system thus removing duplication of efforts. Yes, initially it was time taking but slowly it has started giving its benefits and thus building the habit. Complying to complete the process at ATS, incomplete data will be of no use in future. AI also needs the right information to help you work faster. Many large companies are having great ATS and systems but not able to utilize it because of incomplete or improper entries. Then, rather than utilizing database they actually have to clean database every-time to be able to use it in future. Hence, little habits created today to add right data, updating process actions in time will speed up the overall process with 10X speed with lowering overall efforts.


2. Be a Master Social Networker: These days on the personal front a lot of us fall into Netizenship and yet a lot of us are still dormant in some way. But in the current age, recruitment is all about faster and larger penetration in the market through communication. All commercial database is limited, yet if we look at platforms like LinkedIn or twitter opportunities are immense. It’s an art to expand, engage and communicate with the right network to get desirable results and responses.  Starting from how to brand ourselves to how to reach out to people and further engage them is a systematic learning process. Organizations should make recruiters learn, using these tools by initially providing them action guidelines and material to start on the Web. Organizations like LinkedIn are taking self-initiative to help corporate recruiters to use their tools in a better way.

3. Adapting Tech like a PRO : ATS or HRMS are not just tools to record data, rather in current age they are becoming one of the strongest tools to understand the market to drive any recruitment marketing or employer branding related activities. Although to do that, it’s important to know how to use data, churn it through analytical tools to get desired information. It is equally important before using these tools to understand, what to expect from data and what will be useful for us to enhance productivity further. In most of the situations, recruiters do not like to reflect on such an angle because it looks tedious and humongous task. But the right education on tools can make this process just a few clicks of work.


4. DIVE IN DATA:  Recruitment is still subjective as to the position requirement however mapping each step will help to align entire work plan with concrete planning on actions to be taken today. Such a plan can be derived only when a recruiter can retrospect trends and ratios through data and calculate the number of activities required at each phase of the recruitment cycle. Setting targets and measuring the achievement with course corrections will always help to hit the ultimate goal.

5. Market understanding and art of talent attraction: even if you find candidates, markets like India are extremely competitive to keep candidate attracted towards opportunity we have. Unless, recruiter poses knowledge about competition or other opportunities in the same segment, advising or counselling a candidate is just not possible. In a recent case study, the candidate was deciding to let go of the opportunity with a leading telecom giant because of dis-satisfactory compensation offered that too in a different city. The recruiter was able to counsel him on market condition, competitive rankings and future career benefits which helped candidate make the right decision. Such, information is not difficult to gather but it requires recruiter’s interest level to retain the information and use it wisely.  Encouraging recruiters to be informed about their industry and top news, not only makes them smart but also gives a good impression of the organization.

These are the tiny tweaks your organization can start building in 2020 to gain a substantial edge in talent acquisition and with these small habits the productivity of recruiters with also shoot up as in long run they will be more equipped to handle future hiring needs.