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Decoding the real reason why your employees feel satisfied !

Posted by en world India

almost 3 years ago

With a year of conducting feedbacks and detailed analysis, en world India presents its unique report on 'Reasons for Employee Satisfaction 2018. 

This annual report is part of the unique initiative of en world group “Success After Joining” which is part of our mission "enabling success". 

We, at en world India believe in long term association as the aim is not only just introduce a talent but support them after they join the new company as we believe in “Fostering the career development and success of top talent, drives the growth and success of our clients.” 

Employee engagement and happiness is definitely one of the topics every modern management needs to immediate attention as we all admit that the “balance of power” is shifting away from organizations and is towards employees.

The report is further partite as industry wise satisfaction level, to let you collate your industry report with other industry and understand what they might be doing right. 

Moving it further, we bring an opportunity for employees to be more expressive with their feedback. This survey brings in the qualitative analysis as we counted the experience of the candidate and the genuine reason behind their experience.

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