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Moving beyond Recruitment...

Posted by N. Shivakumar

almost 3 years ago

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a holistic solution for all your human capital needs. It covers various aspects such as Talent attraction, Talent retention, Talent growth and taking into account organization development

Starting with Talent Attraction, In today’s candidate-driven market - talent attraction has been an extremely critical block for the TA Dept. Companies are expanding their recruitment marketing budgets for attracting talent via, Social media, Web Advt. and internal spend. So much so that the minimum expectation from a candidate who is solicited has gone up in terms of their need for the company brand they want to join, Employment benefits offered for a better living and technology growth as per their career aspirations.  

Job Description is no longer the pulling factor that will attract the talent for any company it needs a comprehensive and detailed feed of information to the candidates to understand the opportunity holistically. This will create a better stickiness towards the candidate post-offer as well.

RPO enables service collaterals and a predefined process which will engage the candidates at multiple touchpoints starting from the first connect till they onboard and even post onboarding to ensure a truly immaculate candidate experience which will result in better candidate connect and lesser chances of talent drops.

As a benefit, the cycle time to hire is either improved or Just in time as planned. This will have a positive impact on the Companies business via in the case of candidates who drop due to lack of information and constant touchpoints from a Partner.

The second pillar of TA function is Talent Retention which is a vital aspect post-selection, offer and joining of the candidate. Many organization pay limited attention to candidate engagement post-offer and assume that the candidate will join the organization without any delay. Offer decline or early exit of the candidate not only means business loss but also more expensive to refill the open positions making the project to delay resulting in revenue loss. 

enPower RPO (an en world Group flagship RPO ) address both these issues by offering excellent processes such as Success By Joining (SBJ) and Success After Joining (SAJ). Post offer engagement program and Post Joining engagement program which will ensure that the candidate is engaged and one gets to understand the early warning signals of the candidate's chances of offer drop or Flight risk post joining. 

As a benefit, the intimation of such early warnings and flight risks provide the originations to take appropriate actions and create a backup plan to ensure that they have a shorter cycle time to address the issue which is as low as 15 days for offer drops and 30 – 60 days for post joining attrition. As a business case, the loss of opportunity may be minimal for the organizations.


enPower enables the best practices in Talent Retention with the most solicited candidate engagement programs such as SBJ and SAJ.


Talent Growth:- Among various aspect of Organizational development Talent Growth is at the most important key to reach goals of an organization. The business wishes that they get edible talent just in time, but on corollary, there is always a deficit on the talent pool due to various reasons such as non-availability of the talent pool, extremely high notice period and last but not the least Candidates shopping offers and dropping offers.

In the Talent VUCA world, RPO promises some light and ensures that such risks are mitigated and over a while with ample learnings gets the process optimal for Edible talent and Optimal hiring just in time.

With the above-mentioned service offerings, enPower promises high-value proposition for recruitment engagement with specialist deployed for each step of the process executed with advance tools and processes assuring their clients of improved hiring and better results with lesser risks.


Organization Development:-

They say that RPO is a marriage between two organizations and the relationship matures over period along with learning and improvements over a sustained period. Mutual feedbacks and strategies will work well to ensure that the required talent is developed, and the growth of the organizations are perpetual. RPO is a long-term strategy which the companies adopt to get the specialist is attending to the hiring needs of the organization and that the development and growth of the organization is equally the responsibility of the Talent Partner.

The above aspects are some of the key catalysts of the recruitment functions which gives success to the organization in terms of Human resource management.

As well known it takes sustained planning and implementation, impeccable execution, long-term understanding and high-performance result orientation will make the RPO engagement a whopping success.