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How EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is creating harmony at work

Posted by en world India

almost 3 years ago

Surely, AI is rapidly revolutionizing all the industries, but can it replace human intelligence or emotions? 

We doubt !! So to attain the perfect balance between AI & EQ the management has to remains engrossed on the emotional component of the business. That’s precisely the reason we discuss on Emotional Intelligence today.

Firstly to under intelligence (IQ) is a measurement of your ability to process information and come to sound decisions. Intelligence keeps us safe and informed. While emotional intelligence (EQ) is your ability to process emotions—both others’ and your own—and come to sound decisions- especially when we are under pressure.”

Some people have an incredibly high IQ but low EQ, many are well educated, informed, healthy in all sense but in sudden impulse they do something regretting and stupid. Like causing physical harm to self or others as a thought to impress others. Our Newspapers are filled with such news, well educated, a well-behaved person goes on emotional turmoil engage in violence. 

New Era India Blogpost on EQ

Coming back to a business environment, solving emotion-related problems is critical. At work, we deal with complex problems. And we often have to work together to find solutions. The solution has to be a blend of logically and emotional brainstorming. Working with the team emotions and sentiments, working towards the end customer emotional state is how forward-thinking brands are strengthening their market. 

To say when the service person has a strong grasp on emotional intelligence (EQ), they’re able to understand customer issues, empathize with emotions and respond in the best and most humane way possible. That’s why it’s important to intertwine EQ into every customer interaction. After all success in business is not about IQ tests or any other grade-based metrics. It’s about making an impact as a leader.

While AI takes care of the transactional elements, customer care teams have the ability to focus on the human and emotional components of the interaction. It’s the perfect combination.

How to practice EQ

A big part of emotional intelligence is being able to feel emotions without having to act on it... 

While IQ is harder to change. But EQ is something you can work on and develop like a muscle or skill and watch grow, 

Following are some actionable steps we should feel empowered (perhaps compelled) to take in the age of AI.


Increased Self-Awareness and Mindfulness 

The first step is to learn to identify your emotions - Always be considerate on how you feel about the situation? What is the real cause behind the emotions? Once you know, how you feel, the next question should be how should I react. Imagine a situation where HR informs you about incentive cut, instead of reacting you can take time to calm and respond and understand the situation. the ability to know and be aware of our own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and goals; and to understand their impact on others.


Cultivate Better Mental Habits

But with a solid foundation of emotional fitness, we become much better at identifying these emotional pitfalls as soon as they arise, and then navigating them intelligently and confidently so that we can stay on track with our goals. So many time, even after not feeling the best we have to think about the possible outcome of our emotional outcome and then respond in the right way. 

Recognizing Other Emotions 

Everyone has their own emotions, accepting and respecting the difference in the sentiments is all part of developing higher EQ. understanding the feelings and emotions of another and “putting one’s self in their shoes.”

Handling Stress and Emotions

Many a time it happens that our emotional outburst gets transferred from one situation to another situation. As per research, an exercise in one of the best way to combat stress and depression. Another way is regular meditation. Journal writing has also shown similar results. 

Working on Emotional Intelligence can be a game-changer to high performance and Leadership. And If you want to achieve meaningful things, you must be able to work with other people. From that perspective, EI is the key skill that will bring you better results and more success.


Let us know, your thoughts, how well your team members practice EI