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Update your Hiring Approach in 2019

Posted by en world India

about 3 years ago

In today’s day and age attracting millennials and experienced professionals requires a more equipped hiring approach than earlier. While businesses are increasingly spending more to attract the right candidate, there are still somethings which could add further value.  

As per a recent study* published almost three quarters (72.8%) of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates. Moreover, hiring is increasingly getting more complex with challenges like the skill gap and competition is increasing in all the domains. 

There are multiple reasons which not only make the recruitment process complicated but is also draining out your talent. 

1) Too many evaluation checkpoints – While there are different stages of candidate evaluation, the problem arises when there is no basic parameter of hiring. Say for example most of the applications are received electronically and as it passes through the applicant-tracking software, it sifts through them for keywords that the hiring managers want to see. Then, the resume goes for the first introductory HR round, where in most cases HR may not be aware of the technicalities of the position. Post HR round, it goes to the proposed reporting managers to evaluate the skills. The final decision is made after multiple interviews discussion and thus dropping a potential talent in the tedious hiring process. 

2) Lack of accountability from Catalyst’s end.  – Often, with multiple levels in the hiring stages, candidate experience is compromised. As per another study, 33% of candidates choose to be vocal about their negative interview experience and chose to publicly share online via their social networks about the hiring manages and the company. As a result, it is estimated that 55% of job seekers who read a negative review on job sites like LinkedIn & Glassdoor avoid going to such companies. 

3) Weak Process - With the long process, often the communication checkpoints are ignored. Candidate experience further erodes when there is no feedback shared, no one takes responsibility. 

How to improve your Hiring. 

The hiring process can immensely improve when each step is clearly defined, this can be accomplished with the data learning. 

1.  Converting maximum parameters in quantifiable units – Analyzing the past data on the reasons for selections and rejections, we can have a list of basic competencies and skills required for the role. It can be like a common checklist for function head and HR and scorecard can be maintained against each candidate. The HR should study the candidates resume firstly in detail, measure the profile against the scorecard and then only take communication forward. 

2.  Training all Interviewer to the same standards – To offer a candidate a positive experience about the company, all the interviewers at any level, should be given an assessment training. It will help not only evaluate the candidate quicker but also keep the candidate excited about the role and next stage of the interview. At the session, review behavioural interview questions, how to answer candidates authentically and the importance of nonverbal communication.

3.  Use of technology – As most of the resumes received are through an electronic medium, HR’s can also incorporate technology in their hiring. The first interview can be a video interview. If a candidate looked promising against the Scorecard for the role, HR can invite them for an online briefing. Video interviews can not only be a time saver but also adds a positive impression of the company. Video calls are preferred over in-person meetings because most applicants are screened out at this stage. So, you don’t want to spend too much time on these. The call can be conducted by the hiring manager to understand career goal and previous experience. 

4.  Building your Employer branding 

The company’s career page can serve as a compelling reason to stay engaged in the hiring process — or to drop out of it. Whether candidates are coming to you after finding your job post or want to learn more about you after receiving your InMail, your career page should leave them feeling confident, informed, and ready to take the next step. 

5.  Feedback is utmost important 

If you offer candidates a platform where they can share their interview experience, this will reduce the chances of anyone posting negative feedback online. Such a platform will help the hiring managers understand the loopholes in their hiring and would also help brand the company better. 

We hope, by incorporating technology in your hiring and with more focus to improve candidate experience, you can attract more candidates, alternatively, you can also reach out to us as we help you close difficult positions.


* Data from 2019 Hiring Statistics - Jobbatical