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Productivity Hacks that help you excel in your professional life

Posted by en world India

over 3 years ago

We all wish to accelerate and get that promotion but the work seems never-ending. Feeling overwhelmed with work and wondering how you can stay on top of your game without burning out?  Our modern work environment and our tech dependency are making getting distracted much easier than getting focussed. However, that been said, staying focused is a virtue, it is a quality that differentiates us from others.  While all managers and HR wants their employees to be highly motivated and engaged, it is a topic that is often not stressed enough. 
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Here we share with you '5 Smart Productivity Hacks' that will help you excel in your professional life while building an winning attitude. 

1. Positive Mindset - We all understand, before we inculcate any new habit or routine in our life, we initiate a thought process to make that mind-set shift.  People are as strong as their mind. So, to achieve your career goal, it is important to create the positive mind set.  To improve your focus, you need to cut your habit of multitasking and beam your mind to been present in the moment.

Focus for a full day of work is hard enough, but it can be impossibly overwhelming when you feel like your own brain is fighting against you. The fog of work stress can sap your energy and creative thinking, while anxiety will definitely impede your concentration.  To overcome stress, you need to set work-life balance and engage in relaxing activities like meditation, exercise, playing with your pet, heartily chat with your family and friends or catch the next Netflix series.  It will rejuvenate your creativity and make you more present at the moment, you will not only be able to complete your to-do list but excel in your work.  To start making this mind-set shift, do set a reminder for daily meditation or writing journal.  Else, there are multiple apps available like Headspace and Habit Tracker that can come handy. 
2. Grow yourself -  Learning and growth is the ultimate goal for any individual. Usually, experiences help us grow faster, but the importance of self-learning cannot be underestimated. There is another important technique that will help you improve your productivity; it's called Momentum shift. It is also a mind-set hack, it means concentrating on your strengths and developing it further.  Say, for instance, you are good at handling people, learn more in this field become better and add value to your organisation. Companies are changing and evolving much faster than their employees, which means that expectations, demands and capability needs are also changing so to lead the future, you need to keep updating your skills and grow to be the perfect fit that companies need you. With easy access to online sites, there are multiple websites that help you learn professional courses like a courser, Edx, Udemy for FREE to nominal charges. 
3. Networking - Science shows that connecting or reaching out matters both inside and beyond the organization. To excel in your career, it is really important to network with right people. Within the organization, networking is the most efficient way of understanding the strength and build repo with your peers and bosses. So if you are building a strong network then you are increasing the reputation value you have in the organization. Peers and subordinates will be more comfortable working with you and will have good things to say about you, while your bosses will offer new experiences that are given only to trusted performers. Similarly, connecting with competitors and colleagues outside the organization will enhance your network. A structured way of doing this is to assess the strength of your relationship with key people inside and outside the organization. This will give you a fair idea of the quality of your network and how much you need to work on it. Use tools like LinkedIn and Twitter to reach out to peers outside the organization.
4. Preparation is the key  -  More sweat you shed in the practice, less blood you will shed in the war. Most often people take this important step to attaining high performance contrary to their growth and productivity. With planning and preparing for your day not only you will be free from stress but also feel confident. With detailed homework, you will be able to accept the situation and improve productivity and profitability in the organization and be a higher performer.  You can start with listing three top priority assignment to accomplish in the day and then stick to your list. Not only you will be accomplishing your task but also with practice, you will be finished your task sooner.  There are many apps to keep yourself focus like Evernote, notes, hourly etc.  

5. Health is real wealth -  Want to improve your focus and your work productivity to grow in your career? So, do take care of your health. When in our busy schedule we have an excuse of not enough time, you can simply include small tweaks in your routine. Like standing and moving around on regular interval. Most people feel that exercise is the key to keeping fit, to feel happy and motivated, which results in better productivity at work. However, sleep is equally important. Also, it is not the quantity of sleep that helps but the quality of sleep that matters. Last but most important pillar for your health in your diet.  You will notice, your food influences your mood. So, replace those fried evening snacks with good fruits that keep you active and productive. With health on your side, you can definitely cope to your office stress much better than others and move forward. 

We hope with these tips and hacks; you are able to grow in your career !
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