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Presenting 14 Awesome Benefits of enPower RPO Solutions.

Posted by Vanita

over 3 years ago


The major factor that contributes to business success is undoubtedly its people. Attracting, engaging, hiring and retaining the right talent is a gigantic task in itself. That is where RPO comes in picture. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a new age tool that allows companies to outsource their recruitment process so they focus on their core business.

While RPO solutions guarantee improved Recruitment process, companies are looking for advanced solutions to address their dynamic recruitment challenges. 

We present 14 awesome benefits of enPower RPO explaining in detail on how enPower RPO is different.

1.    enPower employer branding program – Improves candidate engagement through branding initiatives that keep the candidate well engaged and informed on the hiring process as well as the client.

2.    Reduces Offer Declines and Job Dropouts: With (SBJ) “Success By Joining”, a clear format that evaluates the candidates to reduce the offer declines or flight risk.

3.    3E-IP is our unique online evaluation test that measures the Productivity level and longevity of the candidate before the hiring decision is made which saves time effort and cost for the organisation

4.   “Success after joining” (SAJ)  is another unique initiative of our en world group that gauge the happiness quotient of candidate’s post joining and reports the likeliness of longevity of the employee /s.

5.    enPower RPO governance and reporting process give the client measured results orientation on the recruitment process

6.    enPower RPO solution is most flexible in terms of scalability and retractable of recruitment projects which suit the customers’ business needs.

7.    Talented on-boarding – enPower ensures that the quality of the hires is up to the expectation by various assessment method as well as a robust candidate & Hiring manager feedback process

8.    enPower RPO is the most effective recruitment solution yet has a competitive price point. It is focused to offer the best optimum price points for a win-win proposition.

9.    We understand the importance of timing hiring, as any delay in hiring often translates to revenue loss and hence with the structured process of hiring we maintain the apt TAT for the closure of requirements with a predefined input vs output method.

10.    Technology for hiring –  Our Hiring Process is driven by AI and Machine learning methods for the best fitment of CV’s and optimum usage of the database, this saves transaction time and creates better efficiencies in the sourcing process.

11.    SME’s on the Job – To help companies pick the right talent, it is important the hiring process is managed by a recruiter with industry knowledge and expertise. We depute the  best resources in the industry based on their project and skill expertise.

12.    Reach in the Market – New Era India (an enworld group company) has a legacy of 25 years of existence in the market and by the virtue of holding an excellent credential among the candidate community the database acquired over years is large. This is one of the key strengths of the organisation which help in volume hiring for RPO projects

13.    Catering across levels of hiring – Under enPower RPO staffing we often solution across verticals from Mid-level to senior to Leadership hiring. enPower aims at enabling a whole stack of employees across multiple levels

14.    Sector agnostic – Serving in all major industry and functional domains, New Era India (an enworld group company) we operate across India.

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