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Women's Day Greeting

Posted by en world India

over 3 years ago

Happy International Women’s Day to All!!

en world India, a leading recruitment firm with more than 75% of workforce comprising of women, this women day turns to our strong female leaders to seek their greetings, inspiration and career advice. Appreciating all our women employees for their commendable work-life balance and dedication toward work. We, today bring a special piece from them to inspire all

Special greetings from our leaders

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My Inspiration is from my experience and my role model is the best version of myself!

Talent has no gender, trust your guts & believe in yourself. Don’t wait for miracles to happen to feel confident you just be that and it will happen. Never lose the essence of care, compassion & empathetic nature of women it helps us in work-life balance. Making mistakes is as important as being right but never repeat the same one. Think positive, feel good and be beautiful!

Nivanthee Jayaraj (Senior Vice President, Information Technology Domain)

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When I started my career, it was really important to seek a lot of knowledge to expand my horizon. I asked my supervisors many questions and read everything I could to expand my knowledge. As long as you have passion faith and are willing to work hard you can achieve anything in this world. It is important to know what inspires you and stay focused on that.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are weak because you are a woman

Diksha Basu Roy (Vice President, Telecom Domain)


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On this International Women’s Day, I just wanted to say that let’s embrace ourselves, our comforts-discomforts and let's be extremely true to ourselves, because only then we can be more confident to the world outside. The world which depends on us for support, strength, love, happiness, craziness, sensibility, creativity and emotions.

Abhiruchi Tarovar Verma (Vice President, enPower - RPO)


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I have always believed that in life there are no short-cuts to Success, if you have a clear goal there will be people along your path to help you. Remember career as life is a marathon and you will face hurdles at every milestone, so be prepared to face failures which can only teach you lessons to move forward. Some of my best achievements have come after failures, so relax..put on your bright smile & keep looking ahead

Poornima.K (Associate Vice President, enPower - RPO)


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I wish all the lovely ladies a very Happy International Women’s Day and enjoy your life to the fullest without being worried about how you will be judged, do whatever you want to do, wear whatever you want to wear and enjoy each stage of your womanhood to the maximum... One advice to all young women would just work to become financially and emotionally independent.

Ruchika Sharma (Associate Vice President, Consumer Domain)


Pune Recruitment leader

Be the heroine of your life, not the looser! Your smile is the best makeup that you can wear :) 

Preeti Sharma (Associate Vice President, BFSI Domain)



Hr,Hiring leader

In today' age women are getting equal opportunities as men. A woman is very strong in her expertise. Women generally to take more responsibilities than men, and play role in every aspect of life - work and home.

Women are much more calm, peaceful, loving, kind, nurturing, intelligent, and emotionally strong. I believe women are strongly responsible to hold the entire world and are the true gift of life to the world.

Shobha K (Business Manager, Bangalore )


recruitment leader

Women are beautiful & strong! We are full of responsibilities in each phase of our life whether it’s professional or personal. We feel down, alone, isolated at time which may lead to “depression” so it is of utmost importance that we always surround ourselves with group of people who can uplift our spirit & make us smile give reason to love ourselves especially when we are in low phase of our life because if we are happy, we will keep the world happy!

This goes out to men - always be kind to women in both personal and professional lives.


Nisha Sharma  (Business Manager, Pharma & Healthcare Domain)


Happy Women's Day to all the incredible women! Shine on, not just today but every day!

I am greatful to work with all the women leaders who inspire me in everyday life.

E Vijaya Spandana (Business Manager - Hyderabad Team)


HR leader

Success is never gender driven, all you need to have is talent; Happy Women’s Day!!

Poorvanchala Gowda (Manager, Bangalore)


HR, hiring, specialist

The willingness to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to support, the heart to care & just to be there. That is the beauty of a lady!

Feel proud, celebrate with joy, and demonstrate your strength. The day is yours, Happy Woman’s Day!!

Harjeet Kaur (Manager, Telecom Domain)


Advice to Working Women - Don’t work to earn money, work to make yourself independent - independent for your thoughts, independent for your decisions, independent for self priority. We as women don’t need empowerment, we are in power since the existence of this universe, if we have the power to give birth to a life, why we need empowerment for our self. So advice to all women around us to understand our own inner strength we have immense power (patience/ love/ care/ emotion) within us, it just we need to use it for our self.


 RITU KUMARI (Manager, Delhi IT Domain)


You are a superhero without even you knowing it.

You inspire so many.

You have so much to yourself than appearance.

You tolerate and achieve so much.

You are a superhero, conqueror and a warrior.

Take a bow and spread your magic like you always do!!

Happy women's day to all the amazing women!!

Nishitha AN (Consultant, Bangalore Team)


Being a woman is always amazing and challenging. We all are strong independent ready to face all the challenges we come across. The power a woman has, is the best version of herself, she can be.

So understand your goals and strength, learn strategies and most important believe in yourself and your dreams and definitely, you will achieve it.

Gunjan Desai (Research Specialist, Bangalore)