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Holi Party in office: Major Do's & Don’ts


Posted by Vanita Bhutani

about 1 year ago

While an organisation celebrates numerous festivals and award ceremonies throughout the year but Holi celebrations are frivolous and enhances personal connection among all the employees.

Holi is the only festival where all the employees irrespective of their ranks and positions joins the celebration together. On this day, all become equal: no ranks, no seniority, no gender, no age bar...

Setting up a Holi party incorporates a lot of vivid tasks like arranging for fun activities, music, decorations and foods, it is an elaborative affair that requires support from one and all.

Holi Celebrations are bound to get messy, therefore, both the organiser and the participants should prepare themselves in advance. This festival of colours bring the right time to convey the message of love, trust and brotherhood and at the same time, it is the time for strengthening the bond of friendship & comrades among the team. What can be a better idea to break out of daily office routine and add a bunch of colours to your formal wears?

Capturing a few “Dos and Don’ts” for Holi celebrations at our workplaces.

Let’s start from Dos of the Day

  1. Get up from your desk: HR has arranged all celebration for employee engagement. It is your day to add brightness to your office. With your enthusiasm, you can cheer everyone around you and thus contribute positively to the work culture.
  2. Participate and engage in all the activities possible. It is the only way you can make your day memorable. Fun activities, who not only bond better with your teammates but also such activities showcase another side of you.  It may be a good chance to come in good lights of your seniors.
  3. Play dry Holi with organic colours: It is a good idea to use organic dry colours as they are easy to clean up and people are most open to the use of organic dry colours.  

Now, some common Holi etiquettes/ Don’t for Holi Party at the workplace

  1. Don't assume everyone likes Holi: Not everyone is open to colours, a nod of approval will further improve your team bond and add fun for both the parties.
  2. Don’t go overboard on excitement:  Keep in mind, even during the celebration, you are still in the office premises, so try not to shower your enthusiasm by colouring all your team members or shouting on your work station.
  3. Behave properly: In the aplomb and excitement, it gets easy to forget your professional self and get carried away in excitement.  Respect everyone personal space as your fun might fade always but not your offence.

Wishing you all colours of joy, love, happiness, prosperity, good health and success, have a Happy and Safe Holi!!