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Carving a perfect strategy for your dream career and mistakes to avoid, while aiming for your dream career.

Posted by Vanita Bhutani

over 3 years ago

In today’s age, we all have higher expectations from our careers, we want to grow faster, better and get renowned for our work.

With tough competition in every industry, it is imperative to keep learning which could fuel faster growth. However, there are few common mistakes aspirants usually commit while considering/ reaching out for new opportunities.

We have listed a few mistakes, that candidates unknowingly commit:

1. Mental Block & Anxiety: 

While career choices are based on interests and opportunities but we all face a mental block while reaching out. The most common one is applying to multiple jobs without even reading the job description, details, etc. Majorly out of desperation of finding a good job(s), applicants commit such mistake and then wonder why we never hear back from the company. Many candidates also spam recruiters offline and online on social media, which gives a negative impression, possibly leading to blacklisting such applicants.

In contrast, due to lack of confidence candidates, despite being academically or professionally qualified for senior roles, may not even apply for them. It may be because of certain preconceived notions about the company, management or job role or location.

In both cases, one could potentially be missing the opportunity to get in the dream job.

2. Not respecting the resume:

 A resume/ CV is not just an instrument to capture your professional profile but a tool that can get you close to your dream job. Spending quality time to craft a neat resume and then highlighting the skills as per job requirement is equally important. We, as recruitment professionals receive quite a few resumes that applicants send in bulk – to the wrong email ID’s to wrong people and even marking everybody on the same mail. No wonder, such applicants are less expected to hear back and also face the risk of been blocked for spamming. Many applicants, feel uninspired to update their resume, instead, they share their old resume hoping to receive a call for clarification.

As a candidate, one should always keep the best foot forward, with your resume, cover letter and other communication (as applicable). One should take great care to develop and present the resume as also highlighted in one survey where 80% HR professionals consider typo and grammatical errors as top resume offends. (source: Top Resume). Moreover, these days resumes are shortlisted through software, so if your resume does not have a proper header or has a grammatical error(s), the chances of your resume shortlisting get significantly reduced.

The resume should be the best representation of your work, it should be kept professional with no fancy fonts or formatting. The clean resume with everything mentioned in proper bullet line is not only easy for HR but also elevate your chance of selection.

3. No, follow-up: 

Due to fast paced environment that we operate in, we tend to forget things, e.g., if we don’t review the things we learn, the names of the people we just met we will forget it with 24 hours, and it will further fade with time, therefore, follow-up is most important. While the interview results are not declared on the spot, a follow-up call or a mail is always considered as a positive move. It makes you look proactive and excited about the role. Similarly, post-meeting someone in a networking event, a mail or a follow-up call is a must as its considered a good gesture. It may happen the position might get filled but there is a new opportunity that matches your skill set but you would have better chances to that role, only if you remain in touch with the HR

4. Comfort zone:

 we all have our own comfort zone, sometimes comfort zone leads us to prolong our stay in the current position even though we are bored, uninspired and frustrated and know there’s no room for career growth. It is important to continue to learn in life and understand things from a different perspective. We need to understand our passion and strengths and keep ourselves open for opportunities to be able to continue the journey called Life!