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How to give video interview like a Pro .


Posted by en world India

3 months ago

Hiring and interview scenario in Indian market is changing. More and more organisations are interested either in your pre-recorded video resume or they prefer screening more candidates online through Video interview.

A video interview is more convenient but can feel more nerve-wracking as impressing an interviewer or employer through a video can be a daunting task.  Moreover, you just pray your internet, your headphone, your dog and even your neighbours cooperate just for these few crucial minutes.

So, once you are called for a video interview, your immediate reaction would be what would I dress up like, where I can find my quiet corner and from there, your complete trail of thoughts starts.

To ease your panic, we bring quick tips to help you perform best for your video interview

  1. Basics –  To prepare you to need to set the basics right.  To need to set up space, where you can sit with minimum disturbances.  Natural light works great; however, you need to ensure the light is comfortable for both the sides. It should not be using strong exposure or overshadows.  Next, like the in-person interview, dress professionally formal shirt, preferably in solid shade is recommended.  Chunky jewellery or messy hair can give a non-serious impression and should be avoided.
  1. Check your equipment -  Start with cleaning the system lens, if you have not used it since long. A quality headphone can really save you from any last minute embarrassment for not understanding the questions, or background noise etc.  Similarly, you need to check your laptop battery and its operating speed. Another tip is to fix up a proper set- up.  Avoid keeping your laptop on your lap or moving too much.  Good posture will help you feel confident and attentive.
  1. Once you have sorted these basics – Now you need to do your homework, like a real personal interview, you can study the employee website, it’s social pages, the job requirement and how you fit as good resource for them.  Prepare a plan what points you want to present and what sequence you intend the conversation to go about.
  1. Now, fully equipped, it’s time to do a trial run. Hop-in your friend or adviser with whom you can practice mock interviews.  It will give you hands-on experience of the software you will using for the real interview like skype, google hangouts, GoToMeetings.  You don’t want to appear too aggressive or too shy.  Your tone needs to be calm and confident. A mock interview can further boost your confidence. If you don’t have anyone to practice, you can record your own interview with common anticipated questions and re-watch and re-practice till you feel satisfied.   You can also keep your cue cards behind your camera to ensure you don’t miss anything. 
  2. Finer details -  Try to listen as much as possible. Keep a notepad and pen handy, just in case, you require to write anything.  Try your answers to be crisp, avoid long story response. Be hyper-focussed as your screen presence is only what an employer can see. 

Finally, understand the purpose of the video interview, it is a respect for each other’s time. The employer/interviewer is considerate, to share their thoughts first on requirement then if you, as a candidate is interested, they both can take it forward. It is in your good way, the employer is trying to help you, so remain confident and with these tips, your chances of selections are increased.

Still, feeling hesitant? You can contact us.