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Understanding RPO

Posted by en world

almost 4 years ago

Recruitment Process Outsourcing simply refers to outsourcing all or part of the company’s recruitment process to an external service provider.  It is the best solution for the company that is in expansion mode where they have hiring plan laid out, or the industry that have seasonal hiring or have critical positions to fill in course of time. 

An RPO provider completely works as an internal resource where the provider understands the company culture, the requirement, the hiring budget and expansion plan of the company and accordingly suggest the best recruitment plan for the client. 

While there are many things to consider before engaging with an RPO service like the reputation of the provider, their past results delivered and their timelines of the deliverables.  We list down major benefits of RPO so you can make a better decision. 

Benefits of RPO

☑ RPO is a flexible and Scalable solution

The best feature of the RPO solution is, the service is flexible and scalable as per requirement. Say you have a seasonal demand of workforce; to cater it you can engage with RPO rather than hiring more internal human resource. An internal resource is difficult to reduce as, however, RPO service can be upgraded or stopped as per your requirement.

☑ High expertise of the recruiter

RPO providers are experts in recruitment activities and industry status as they work with multiple firms in the similar or aligned fields, So the latest trends and salary benchmarks related to the industry can be incorporated by entrusting to RPO companies.

☑ Focus remains on Business & Hiring the ‘right’ resource

An RPO service provider can understand the work culture and requirements much better than hiring multiple vendors. By engaging in RPO service, the client’s needs to only coordinate with one provider, thus reducing communication and efforts.

☑ Reduce the time it takes to actually hire

Hiring is also a game against time. If a critical and important position is not filled at the right time, that might lead to big opportunity losses and high attrition.  As RPO Service providers are committed on timelines, by using RPO, you can reduce the average time to close the positions to almost half the time.

☑ Better employer brand Building

RPO provider has to coordinate with various internal and external resources to attract the right talent for you. To ensure the best minds connect with your company, they help to spread the positive image of the organisation.

These are the major yet basic benefits RPO services, we introduce you to enPower – RPO brand from en world.

enPower -RPO

  • Our assessment test ‘3E-IP’ and our value add service ‘Success after Joining’ are our major differentiator.

  • We provide full-cycle recruitment process support, from recruitment process design through to onboarding, change management and also technical support.

  • We provide consultation to address recruitment-related challenges and opportunities affecting organizational effectiveness.

  •  Including applicant tracking technology, talent acquisition processes, sourcing channels, candidate assessment and selection, recruiter training and development, and social media strategy activation, we provide various add-on services to the client.

  • Under enPower, we also engage to prepare an organization for future implementation and evaluation of a larger RPO engagement.

  •  We engage at every level of the organization to ensure that projects run smoothly, driven by our commitments with fully accountable results

To consult on RPO or to know more on enPower, you can connect on