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Looking for your Career Change in Your 30's

Posted by en world

about 4 years ago

Bursting Myths & Moving ahead

As per a study* a whopping 73% of 30-somethings say they want to change careers. Surprisingly in India, we chose our Career field as young as 16, when we go through the phase of science, commerce or art selection in for Senior Secondary. Then most of us specialize in our chosen subjects and enter the job market based on our selection. So, we traditionally choose our career in our 20’s and we expect to grow in it in our 30’s as a subject matter expert.

However, when we reach 30’s and are financially settled. We priorities goes to job satisfaction, work-life balance & more interest based jobs. The trigger point also might be feeling stagnated at current work, higher salary packages or just for changed interest. If you dread going to your office every morning, be prepared to take the grind and shift gears. It is a difficult decision but motivates yourself to step out of your comfort zone and take the risk. Often times it’s our well-wishers or family get more sceptical of our idea of our career-change.

The major barriers one may hear includes :

  1. You have a responsibility of your family and this is not the time to experiment.
    This is the most common myth based on the fear of the unknown, this can lead you to drop your ideas and continue with your job even if you are not happy.  But always remember our ideas, priority and situations never remains the same.  We improvise with time and we develop interest and acumen that we didn’t have before.
  2. You are too old or too late now
    Often we hear that you are too late, the market is already full with such specialist and you as a late entrant would not be able to operate. But luckily for us, the workplace and the skill set are increasingly getting fluid. If you want to change you can invest your time and energy in your chosen field along with your current jobs. Say you are a medical professional but you are amazed at how social media of few hospitals or doctors are gaining popularity so you want to learn social media, as one might assume, we assure you are never late. You can invest your time and network with the field expert and can easily make the transition.
  3.  You have to start all over again or No one will hire you
    While changing career in our 30’s can be a scary thing but not as scary as working for the next 30 in the same industry that you don’t love anymore. While the recruiters are pleased to take candidates who are from different backgrounds based on the confidence you display.  During the interview, identify your transferable skills that would be related to your target industry, and be able to talk about how you used those skills. You should view your new skill set as your toolbox and it is a tool which you intend to help your recruiter.
  4. Education is expensive
    India offers many online or class certificate programs that allow professionals to pursue education in multiple subject areas to cultivate a diverse knowledge base and can also help individuals who have a strong foundation in one area, such as accounting, to more quickly address knowledge gaps in a specific industry, such as hospitality. 
    To conclude it is a big decision to change your career but nowadays recruiters are more open to such candidates, They are impressed on candidates guts. 

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* data source -  University of Phoenix® School of Business