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Considering Artificial Intelligence as a Career Option

Posted by en world

about 4 years ago

Artificial Intelligence is the most trending topic these days. With AI synching in our everyday life with a virtual assistants like Siri or the self-driving cars we can witness how this machine learning is increasingly getting as pervasive as the Internet and Mobile Technologies. And be ready AI’s influence is not going to be restricted just to tech roles – it is going to change how marketers, pilots, therapists, entrepreneurs, investment bankers and even we recruiters will all do our jobs.

So, Artificial Intelligence has spurred sea change in all the industries and no matter what your job is today, it is going to look significantly different in the future with thanks to underlying AI technologies. The workforce of the future needs to be AI-savvy, therefore educating yourself on artificial intelligence is not an option but a necessity.

AI is impacting all the fields, however studying AI now give you extra edge for a job as a software engineer researching, human-machine interfaces, and quantum artificial intelligence. You could work as a software engineer in industry working for big data-driven companies like Amazon contributing to shopping list recommendation engines or Facebook analysing and processing big data. You could also work as a hardware engineer developing electronic parking assistants or home assistant robots.

Students interested in AI, deep learning & machine intelligence require basic knowledge in of computer science like computational language and algorithms. There are artificial intelligence courses in the India offered by multiple college like IIIT -Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mytectra or Zenrays in Bangalore or you can also check Udacity for an online course.  

We conclude, to stay relevant open yourself up to the sea of Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence as AI is the future of all the industries.