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Five “H” formula to Crack any Job Interview

Posted by en world

over 4 years ago

As one might have experienced, the change in the interview process nowadays there are more screening rounds to ensure the 'Right Fit'.  You, as a candidate, need to roll up your sleeves and work extra to get hired for your dream job. Based on our extensive recruitment experience we compile easy tips to help you impress your interviewer in a small span of time.  

We share with you a quick memorable list of five 'H' formulae that you can keep in mind before appearing for an interview. 

1. Homework - Since HR approached you for this position, you are under the impression that they need you more than you need this job and so you might take the liberty to go there unprepared.  It is not only unprofessional but you might miss the chance to be seen as a serious candidate.  One might consider using transition time to the venue or the waiting time during the interview to prepare.  However, with our experience, we recommend you not to do any of these. Instead, you can prepare beforehand and during the waiting time you can calm down your anxiety.  Use this time to absorb the environment and people around.

2. Honesty – While being blunt and outspoken to questions like “why you are looking for a change from previous company” can simply kill your changes but honest responses like “some personal reason” can be the smart answer. Same way, you need to be honest in your knowledge base and opinions. If you are not conversant with particular software, it is better, to tell the truth then caught on the wrong foot in cross questions. Honesty is rightly considered a virtue, if you able to build the trust of your interviewer, you are in good position. 

3. Honour –   While you may not be actively looking for the job, However, you should honour the time of your interviewer. There is something in every organisation that you can learn or your interviewer might be a close associate to your circle.  It is important to give due respect to the position. 

4. Helpful -  Understanding recruiters point of view and helping them with reference numbers and timely paperwork can alleviate you as a responsible candidate.  When everything seems affirmative; you can quickly take out this magic wand "Is there anything about my background or experience that you have questions or concerns about?" This kind of initiative from candidate side shows that you are confident of your experience also you are open to help the interviewer to solve his doubts. 

5. Hook around – These days no interviewer informs you about your interview result on the spot itself. They either offer you another screening level or will buy time from you to explore more options in the market. But this should not deter your whole preparation.  You should stay positive & stay in touch with the job consultant or the company HR to get the exact picture. Additionally, you can show interest in the position by taking initiative for some related research work and help the management close the position at the earliest.

Hope these tips & trick, help you find your dream job!