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The en world- India story

en world entered Indian market with  New Era India Consultancy, which has been operating in Indian recruitment industry since 1993. One thing that has remained constant in en world’s journey from recruiting services start-up in 1999 as one of Japan’s leading talent acquisition and management firms today. We have always looked beyond the traditional narrow focus on hiring transactions.

Strongly backed by en world Japan and a group company of en-Japan, we have been able to innovate at an ever-increasing rate, expanding our range of services and finding new ways to make employment relationships more productive and fulfilling. We believe there is no more important calling, and no better way to drive business success and enhance careers.

What sets us apart: Total Talent Engagement

In a time when traditional recruiters struggle to keep pace with changes in the employment landscape, en world offers a new approach.  We call it Total Talent Engagement. It works before, during and after the recruitment process, connecting job seekers with employers to create more effective and rewarding employment relationships.

For job seekers, Total Talent Engagement offers assistance in crafting a long-term career strategy, an exceptionally broad range of employment opportunities, and continuing support after employment to help make the new relationship a success.

For employers, Total Talent Engagement is smarter about understanding who can do a job, where those people are to be found and what will motivate them to move. And by supporting companies in taking better care of people after hiring, we help reduce turnover and the need for future hiring.

Read more about How Total Talent Engagement Works.

How en world is making the difference

Focus on Long Term Relationshp 
By looking beyond the immediate hiring requirement to the larger employment picture, en world helps create more effective and more lasting employment relationships.  

Success in APAC challenging environment

en world is strongly backed with an insider’s knowledge of Japan and Asian business practices. We’re also a company with international roots and with a successful track record of recruiting for international clients and global-minded professionals. That makes us uniquely capable of helping both job seekers and employers bridge the gap between Indian and global business cultures.

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Wider contacts mean better connections

en world makes great connections where others fail. We source candidates through our industry-leading database of talent – much of it exclusive to en world group and in the APAC region through our network of regional offices and affiliates.  

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Our values

Our values govern how we work with our clients and candidates, who we choose to hire and work with, and how we interact internally.


Integrity: Honesty and accountability are absolutes.


Own It - We take complete responsibility of the work assigned


Teamwork: Work together drives our success.


Improve IT: Every day is a chance to grow and get better.